I am a guy who loves games and because I ended up as a software developer thinking that I will build great games for a living, I decided to start this experiment to motivate myself and hopefully others with similar interests to start doing what I love: COMPUTER GAMES.

When I started the website in 2010, I didn’t know much about game development and decided to start researching it and documenting the steps I was taking. The mobile platform, especially Android seemed the most accessible and I started learning.

Since then, I have worked at a couple of game studios and consulted in a few small projects, and I must say I have learnt a LOT and met some great people.

I signed the posts and code as Impaler. Why the name Impaler? Originally I come from Transylvania and I currently live in London. It was also the name I was using on many game servers and using it makes me feel 16 again. My real name is Tamas Jano.

Obviam means against in Latin. Why against? Because I am against corporate crap and I am against the thought that work can’t be fun and I am doing this experiment against many odds. The fun is just beginning, usually after work and when everyone is asleep.

To contact me use email to tamas (at) this domain dot net.

Updated Mar 2017